Baby Safety Month

Top Hidden Hazards in the Home


Small magnets can be easily swallowed by children. Once inside the body, they can attract to each other and cause significant internal damage. Keep magnets high enough on your refrigerator that they are out of reach.

Recalled Products

Know if your product you own has been recalled, including second-hand products. The best way to ensure your products are safe is to fill out your product registration card and check for recalls at


Tip-overs are a leading cause of injury to children. The best way to avoid them is to make sure all furniture and televisions are secured to the wall.

Pot Handle Sticking Out From Stove

When cooking, it is best that pot handles turn inward instead of sticking out from the stove where little ones may reach up and grab the hot handle.

Liquid Laundry Packets

It is estimated that thousands of children have been exposed to and injured by liquid laundry packets. Easily mistaken by children as candy, these pods pose a risk to the eyes and, if ingested, to their lives. It is important to keep these items out of reach of children.

National Immunization Awareness Month

Have Your Child Vaccinated

Vaccines give parents the safe, proven power to protect their children from serious diseases. Did you know that vaccines protect children from 14 serious diseases before they turn 2 years old?

Vaccines Are Safe

Vaccines are thoroughly tested before licensing and carefully monitored after they are licensed. They are the safest and most cost-effective ways to prevent diseases.

Talk To Your Local Pediatrician

Healthcare professionals are parents’ most trusted source for information about vaccines for children. Your Pediatrician knows what schedule to follow regarding vaccinations.