Verify Your Health Insurance Coverage

If you have insurance coverage, you will be asked to provide insurance information such as the name, address and phone number of your insurance company, current subscriber name, certificate and/or policy number and effective date of your plan. It is very important that you provide accurate information so that insurance coverage can be verified prior to your child’s surgery. Most of this information can be found on your insurance I.D. card. Please remember to bring your card with you when you come to our office, as well as a photo ID.

Private – Pay and Co-Pays

It is our policy to collect any estimated private-pay balances, co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance at the time of service. Our billing department will let you know how much you will be expected to pay before your child’s surgery. Please call our office if you have any questions. We accept cash, check or credit card.

If you do not have medical insurance, our billing department will assist you in establishing a payment plan. A deposit is due when the surgery is scheduled. If you are unable to make a deposit, you will need to make arrangements with our billing department prior to scheduling the surgery. They will advise you of available options, including available medical assistance programs.

Managed Care Insurance Pre-Certification

If you belong to a managed care plan, you may need prior approval or pre-certification before your child’s surgery. In some cases, managed care plans will not pay unless pre-certification is complete. Please check with your managed care company to see what is required. Make sure you keep a record of the date, time and person you spoke with at your managed care company.