Pediatric General Surgery

Infants, children and adolescents may require surgery for common conditions identified by their primary care provider. Inguinal hernias, undescended testicle, gall bladder disease and thyroid disease are examples of conditions frequently referred to our surgeon.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

There are a variety of conditions today that lend themselves to minimally invasive surgical techniques. With this method, instead of making a large incision for an “open “ surgery, several 3-10 mm incisions are made and a small telescope and instruments are used to complete the surgery. These procedures have the benefit of: improved cosmetic results, earlier return to activities such as school, improved intra-operative visualization, and decreased morbidity and pain. Dr. Kimmel is committed to bringing the benefits of these techniques to his patients.

Prenatal Consultation

Working with perinatologists, we can help parents of babies with congenital anomalies to understand their baby’s condition better. We get to know the families so that we can help educate and prepare them for their baby’s hospital course and corrective surgery before their baby is born.


We have specialized knowledge and training in the surgical repair of birth defects, some of which are potentially life threatening without intervention. In many cases even in these newborn babies, laparoscopy and thoracoscopy can be utilized to correct their conditions and hasten their recovery.

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